Our Mission Statement

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Capabilities / Processes

Gateway Chassis Solutions - one of the UK’s leading dedicated manufacturer of chassis for the Caravan Holiday Home, Leisure Lodge and Residential Park Home sectors

The chassis is the foundation of the completed home, although normally it is not even visible after it is sited, it goes through quite a journey before it reaches its destination.

We at Gateway Chassis Solutions consider all these stages to ensure that the home gives the owner the safe, comfortable, secure and sustainable structural foundation they should expect and deserve. The key considerations are:

  • Bespoke Design

Every chassis is designed to suit the home that is built on it. Care and consideration are given to the load distribution of the building, positioning utilities and siting of heavy components such as kitchen and bathrooms. Using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) & 3D CAD modelling the chassis are assessed against the anticipated home weight to ensure it meets the structural requirements of the building it will be supporting.

  • Chassis Manufacture

The chassis are built and manufactured by highly trained welders and the non-hot dipped galvanised units are finished in our paint shop, giving them the necessary protection against the elements. Each chassis is manufactured to National Caravan Council Code of Practices and individually quality checked. We adopt lean manufacturing techniques and invest in continuous improvement to ensure our products are efficiently manufactured to the highest standards.

  • Transport to Manufacturer

Care is given to ensuring the chassis are safely transported and delivered in the same condition as they left the factory. We secure the chassis with purpose made spacer frames to make sure the units are rigidly secured.

  • Build & Assembly

Consideration is given during the design stage to assist the Home manufacturer with the assembly of the home in the factory. Things such as siting of utilities, ease of assembly and manoeuvrability are considered during the design stage to make things run as smooth as possible. We work very closely with home manufacturers to ensure we produce chassis that meet their production needs, we pay close attention to accuracy and squareness to ensure the highest level of efficiency during all stages of the build process, with attention to the important first stage when the floor is positioned on the chassis.

  • Transport to Site

When the completed home is transported from the factory to the site, it is transported by road, either complete or in two halves. This is probably the furthest the home will ever travel in its lifetime and it must survive both the elements and vibration caused by road surfaces. To ensure the home arrives on site in the best condition possible we design in special anchor points to ensure that the chassis are transported in a safe and secure way with minimum movement.

  • Siting & Positioning

When the home arrives on site, we make sure the assembly and positioning run as smoothly as possible. The detachable jockey wheel, which can be quickly released and moved from “front to back” gives the chassis maximum manoeuvrability before it reaches its final resting place. For larger homes where two chassis are joined together, we “design-in” special brackets which allow the chassis to be rigidly bolted and efficiently “drawn” together.

  • Home Living & Maintenance

We at Gateway Chassis Solutions consider all these stages to ensure that the home gives the owner the safe, comfortable, secure and sustainable structural foundation they should expect and deserve.

  • Lasering, folding and general fabrication

Due to expansion, growth and investment in our state-of-the-art 4m Amada laser and 4m Amada press break, we now have further capacity available to offer lasering and folding services, for mild stainless steel and aluminium.

Our Process

Our design process is also just as considered. From talking to the marketplace, it’s clear that not all manufacturers use 3D modelling. To help us improve the design phase, we employ four highly experienced, qualified engineers and structural analysts – all trained in 3D CAD software and FEA.

One of the rigorous ways we test and verify our chassis systems is through FEA (Finite Element Analysis) testing. This virtual method predicts how the chassis will react to real-world loading, vibration and other physical effects. Prototype systems are used to fully test products, including bespoke models built to customer specifications. Ultimately, this testing process validates whether the chassis has the strength and resilience required to stand up to rigorous use.

This culminates in our continuous improvement process – ‘Value Added, Value Engineered’. With global steel prices at record highs and continued volatility in the market, our ambition is to minimise the cost impact to our customers through smarter, more efficient design and manufacturing, while not compromising the strength of our chassis.

Our high specification I-Beam Chassis is a perfect example of how the VA/VE process is used in conjunction with our stringent quality control processes. Developed to meet the demands for chassis for high-end leisure lodges and park homes, the I-Beam is structurally the strongest (in terms of load bearing capacity) available in the market. The fully galvanised chassis offers high corrosion resistance while the expertise of our design engineers and research and development team has allowed us to optimise the design for the ultimate longevity and strength.

Building on more than ten years of market experience, the VA/VE multi-functional team has successfully completed, designed and FEA tested a new and improved I-Beam product.