Gateway Chassis Limited

We do a bit more than just what it says on the tin. Designing change, building safe and reliable products, providing excellent customer service - these are the hidden aspects of modern manufacturing and specialist engineering. Our aim is simple – satisfy the customer and innovate to offer more.

Our factory in Kingston upon Hull manufactures steel chassis for the Holiday Home & Park Home industry. We are dedicated to this and have clear goals to maintain our presence in this market into the future. Our belief in providing excellent customer service, quality products and attentive after sales support is strong. Our skills and experience in design and innovation supports our production engineering demands to constantly search for ways to improve for the mutual benefit of our customers, supply chain and our business.

What do we do? We make steel chassis! Is that all? Of course not!

The skills, experience, capacity and resources within the company and its partner companies, allow us to provide steel fabrications in low and high volumes. This provision is for sectors of industry including modular buildings, secure modules, blast proof modules and others. Steel fabrication and large scale assembly is uncomplicated to us because we have the knowledge, the history and the grounding. Most of all, we have the will to succeed and to assist our customer to succeed. If you need us to help you, then we’re ready to listen.

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